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6" wide by 4" tall
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Each paper bead is hand rolled, glued and varnished by Agness Namigadde from the Acholi tribe in Northern Uganda. Each individual bead is stitched to a lining which is stitched to a second, zippered lining. This makes for a durable, versatile and unique classy clutch. Measures approximately 7.5"x 4".

Like many Ugandan women, Agness Namigadde never finished high school and married at 19. Soon after her husband died in a motor accident leaving Agness with a two year old baby girl. His family then abandoned Agness.

Determined to support her family independently Agness joined our initiative, The Namugongo Good Samaritan Project (NGSP*). She discovered a love of working with her hands and dedicates her days to creating these quality beaded wristlets from start to finish while managing her new tailoring shop.

Today she trains others in the skill of rolling beads and sewing bags and is a respected member of her community. 

Here's a message from Agness to you: "May the lord bless you all for causing change in our lives as widows and giving us hope of enjoying our lives once again. I used to cry remembering my husband and wishing I were educated to be able to find a job like others. My worries are gone now and I can safely provide for my daughter."

*Read more about our partner initiative here.


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