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Delicate and versatile, these paper beaded earrings are filled with a variety of colors which reflects the rolled paper. No beads are exact which makes them visually appealing. Colorful beads match the vibrant lives of the African women who hand-roll them. They are varnished to add extra durability and shine.

This product is designed by Gertrude Nakande, an uneducated single mother with 7 children, ages 2 to 18.  She toiled in the stone quarries while her husband withheld all of their earnings, neglected the family and later left Gertrude for another woman.  

He demanded that Gertrude and the children vacate the house they both built by hand, but Gertrude held to her convictions and refused to leave. He hauled away all of their possessions, leaving only their clothes.

Gertrude continued working in the quarry but was only able to afford her family’s basic needs as school fees were too expensive.  Her life turned around when she joined our partner initiative the Namugongo Good Samaritan Project (NGSP*) where she was taught trade, craft, and business skills.  

Gertrude credits learning the skill of bead making for increasing her confidence and self-esteem.  While she designs jewelry, she networks with other women like her and has learned to set goals and to have a voice in her community.  She believes that as business production increases, she will be able to pay for all of her children to attend school and receive the benefits of education.

Today, Gertrude has a renewed, focused determination for a better future.

*Read more about our partner initiative here.





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