Agness' Story

Agness Namigadde 


Agness Namigadde was raised by her stepmother who treated her and her six siblings poorly. As is often the case she longed for a way out so she dropped out of school and married at the young age of 19. Sadly her husband died in a car accident leaving Agness to care for their two year old daughter alone.  Agness felt a strong family obligation to also help care for her six siblings.
Unemployed and uneducated, Agness’ life became a daily struggle. She saw an opportunity with the Namugongo Good Samaritan Project and joined-full of optimism. After learning new skills of bead making, weaving and knitting, she is providing the basic necessities for her family as well as send her daughter and sister to school full-time.
“The Good Samaritan Project has changed our lives as widows, giving us hope of enjoying our
lives once again. I used to cry remembering my husband and wishing that I was educated
with a job like others. But now all that is gone and I am happy”.
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