Allen's Story

Allen Nankya

When Allen Nankya's first child was born Allen worked in the local stone quarry. She had to take her baby along in order to feed and care for her. Allen placed her four month old under the shade of a tree while she worked. One day Allen went to check on her baby and was horrified to discover that the child was dead.
Allen was not at peace with her life after this trauma. She received a daily allowance of just $.50 from her husband. She sold baked goods to supplement her income, but was only able to make $1 a day. Allen divided this money into food, rent and school fees/supplies for her 3 children.
Today, Allen is able to create jewelry from home while safely caring for her children. She is now the "breadwinner" of the family. She is an inspiration to her fellow artisans and swears she will never give up until her children are grown and self-sufficient.
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