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11" by 10" by 4"
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This small tote measures 11" by 10" by 4" and is created by Rose Babirye - one of our most successful artisans and business owner. After she sews clothing in her shop, she collects the vibrant African scraps and creates beautiful bags and purses. This tote is the perfect size for those weekend pitstops at the market. It is also reversible, has a velcro enclosure and contains an interior pocket.

More about Rose: she was raised in the typical polygamous family with 11 siblings. Rose only studied through primary school. She worked as a housekeeper and later studied knitting and tailoring. When her boss gave her a machine, Rose began to lead an independent life as a tailor. When her machine broke, the initiative loaned her a new one which taught Rose how to save and pay off a loan. 

Today, with her first official 3' x 12' shop, Rose designs custom clothes and is overjoyed. She continues to create innovative products. She also purchased a piece of land and plans to build her first home. She plans on opening a larger shop and acquiring more machines so she can train fellow initiative members in tailoring. A motivated and successful entrepreneur, Rose has hopes for a bright and promising future. Your purchase will help her achieve her dreams.

Due to the handmade nature of these products, sizes and fabrics will vary slightly. 



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