New Hands Joining Our Circle - Meet Tiara

Our Digital Communications Manager, Tiara Sampson,
is tweeting, pinning and hash-tagging to show the world
what Circle of Hands Uganda is all about.


"My inspiration for helping others started at a young age. Growing up in Pennsylvania I learned to fully appreciate what I had and to give back. During high school, while volunteering for the schools special education department, my passion for humanities quickly took hold.

Devoting my time so that others may have a chance to experience the joys of life has always been fulfilling and beautiful for me.

Currently attending the University of Colorado I am majoring in Business with a focus on social development. I plan on using the knowledge gained to further affect positive change in world. One such place of emphasis for me is Africa. I admire the rich culture, but more importantly I admire the people's enduring optimism in the face of such devastation and violence.  

During a chance encounter with Linda Schutter and Circle of Hands Uganda in 2014, I recognized an exciting opportunity to apply my social media skills and follow my passion. My goal is to use the exponential reach of the internet to spread awareness of our mission to partner with and empower a growing number of women in the areas of education, humanities, and entrepreneurship.

I am very excited to join the Circle of Hands Uganda team and look forward to what's to come."


See how Tiara's enthusiasm and talents are impacting 
Circle of Hands Uganda by viewing our social media sites. 

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