Beautiful, Beaded Bride

How Our Beads Helped to Make Krista’s Wedding Day Unforgettable


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On her wedding day, a bride seeks to look her best with a style that reflects her true personality. With a custom jewelry order from Circle of Hands Uganda, Krista Sanchez-Lickteig was able to showcase her unique style on her special day.

Krista’s desire to wear our paper beads came from a life-changing experience she had traveling to Uganda in 2012 on a medical mission with LoveGrows. Krista says she “absolutely fell in love with the country and the people.” Krista is a passionate woman who prioritizes staying true to herself. She was able to incorporate this special memory into her wedding by working with Linda and Lillian for over a year to design a custom line made by our Ugandan artisans.

Krista, the beautiful, beaded bride, flaunted an eight-strand Mukisa Necklace of gorgeous white paper beads. Her four bridesmaids also rocked the Mukisa style with necklaces and bracelets made with seed beads of the fall-inspired wedding colors: sunflower yellow, chocolate brown, burnt orange, and olive green. Krista showed the love and connection to her bridesmaids by wearing four Mukisa bracelets, one for each of her bridesmaids and wedding colors. Krista’s photographer cried tears of joy and surprise when she was included in this gift “that provided support to a group of exceptionally beautiful, talented and amazing women on the other side of the world.”

It is because of clients like Krista that the stories of these inspiring Ugandan women are heard. How incredible that she chose to share her most special day with the beautiful work of our artisans.


Message from Krista:



“I would like to thank Circle of Hands Uganda and all of the women in Uganda that helped to make my wedding day not only beautiful, but special and so deeply personalized.  Not only was the ordering process smooth and easy, the women created something completely new out of my idea to provide
gifts that would give back...

I hope to some day be able to tell them in person how much the Mukisa necklaces and bracelets meant to me on that day and will forever mean to me, but for now I hope this blog going out into the world will begin to show the gratitude I have.


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