30% of our sales will go to Nepal Village Earthquake Relief

DEADLINE: JUNE 30 is the day we donate our funds to our local Louisville, Colorado business, Tibets Restaurant, whose owners, in the most humblest of ways, shared with us devastating stories and pictures of their home village.

PURCHASE TODAY and share. Heartfelt thank you!


The massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake which hit Nepal on the morning of 25th April has in its aftermath left a trail of unprecedented destruction and human tragedy of epic proportions. Some 500,000 to 600,000 families have lost their homes in the two earthquakes. Shelter is the minimum for the people to get on with their lives. Entire districts lie waiting for some form of relief howsoever small. On Tuesday, Nepal suffered a second devastating earthquake near Namache.
This area is home to our friends Pasand and Kandu Sherpa, the owners of Tibet's Restaurant In Louisville, CO. "The earthquakes in Nepal are continuing and damaging people's homes. There have been numerous terrible events after the first earthquake, there have been landslides, aftershocks, and the people have no homes. These people who are poverty need your help to rebuild and try to get back everything they lost to this natural disaster. My family and friends are living in horrible conditions, please we need your help and support for rebuilding their homes."
Their partner, Planet-Med Nepal Village Earthquake Relief has mobilized volunteer medical teams to both Nepal and Bhutan since 1997. They have organized the "Gimme Shelter" mission and will use the collected funds to provide shelter (tents, tarps, sleeping bags) to victims throughout Nepal. 100% of their funds raised will be allocated to the cause and any additional funds will be distributed to victims. "After many discussions with friends from the region, it is apparent that any and all aid is being directed to Kathmandu. Those in the hard hit remote village areas are on their own...With the monsoon coming and a Himalayan winter to follow these families need help desperately - and quickly...Due to conditions & weather, time is of the essence." - Planet-Med Nepal Village Earthquake Relief

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