New Hands Joining Our Circle - Meet Ashley

Meet Ashley, Our New Team Member


Hello! My name is Ashley Bruehl and I am delighted to join the Circle of Hands Uganda team as our new Manager of Sales.

My love for human rights advocacy, social justice and the diverse cultures of Africa began in high school. I was very active in human rights advocacy, which broadened my horizons and seeded in me a deep fascination for exploring the world’s diversity. It also sparked a lifetime dedicated to HIV/AIDS advocacy, women’s empowerment, and social justice.

It then became my dream to travel, learn, absorb other cultures, and hopefully someday make a positive difference in this world. In college, I designed my own individual study abroad program and found funding to live and study at the University of Ghana for a semester. Plunging into the deep tropics of West Africa on my own was exactly the culture shock I needed and craved. The trip only deepened my desire to travel all over Africa and the world.

My incredible, life-changing experience in Ghana opened my eyes to the key importance of empowerment in community initiatives. I learned that in order to make real positive changes in communities affected by poverty, malnutrition, HIV/AIDS and other health issues, there must be a focus on empowering people to help themselves.

This is why I wanted to take on this role for Circle of Hands Uganda! The innovative, sustainable and practical mission of this small business proves that initiatives with focus on empowering people, especially women, really do change lives for the better. I met Linda Schutter, Founder/Owner of Circle of Hands Uganda, at AIDS Walk Colorado 2013 and knew that one day I would join her team.


I am thrilled to take on this role and continue to increase our positive impact on Ugandan women!

To read more about my study abroad experience in Ghana, check out my blog, Ashley’s Adventures in Ghana:



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