Empower Pack

Empower Pack Program

This program allows you to join us in supporting Ugandan women affected by HIV/AIDS in a really fun way. We will send you a customized package filled with Circle of Hands Uganda products to sell at your event. We'll include all the materials you'll need to increase awareness of our cause and make a difference in our ladies' lives.

Partner Perks

As an Empower Pack Partner, you get all the items in your pack at a 30% discount. You keep the "profit" to donate to your cause or re-invest in us.

As the host, you receive $50 gift certificate!

Our first Empower Pack Partner

2012 Mary Riley of Lincoln, Nebraska

Mary was inspired after hearing about us and wanted to get involved. She ordered an Empower Pack and set up a beautiful display at her church’s annual craft fair.
The event was an enormous success! With the help of a few friends, Mary was able to sell $400 worth of products and make a donation to her church. Mary enjoyed the event so much she’s interested in doing the same thing again next year.

Selling Opportunities

  • At craft fairs, school events, bookclubs, churches - these are the BEST ways to make positive change and a fun way to socialize during your free time.
  • Fundraisers - This is a great way to raise funds for your own cause while investing in our artisans.
  • Business Display - Display at a local business you frequent often, such as the chiropractor or dentist. Our products have been exhibited in a physical therapist office, a yoga studio, and an athletic club.
  • Throw a Party and sell - Our most popular choice to inspire others to act and support our mission. Invite friends over for a fun, social night while spreading awareness through videos and photos of our artisans.
  • Retail Prospecting - Present your Empower Pack to local shops to market our products. Need inspiration? See our selling points.
Q & A

What's my first step? First, you'd select and purchase the items in your pack at a 30% discount.

What if I don't live in Colorado? We ship for free! All you need is a passion for social change.

Have questions? Contact us and we’ll help you every step of the way.
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