Gertrude's Story

Gertrude Nakakande

Gertrude Nakakande is a single mother with seven children, ages 2 to 18. Her husband had neglected his family, gave them no money to live on, yet would return home at night and demand to be fed. They both worked in the stone quarry; however, her husband selfishly withheld all their earnings. He then left her for another woman, blaming her illiteracy for the split.

Her husband demanded that Gertrude and the children vacate the house they both built by hand. Although it is not uncommon for men to evict their wives, Gertrude held to her convictions and refused to leave. The husband left but returned to the house with a truck, hauled away all their possessions, leaving only their clothes.
Unexpectedly, Gertrude realized she was pregnant. With zero financial support and seven children, school fees were and are out of the question. Her stone quarry and gardening income only meets her families' basic needs.
Gertrude credits the NGSP with increasing her confidence and self-esteem through learning bead-making and networking with others like her. She can finally claim to be happy and believes that as business production increases, she will be able to pay for all her children to attend school to receive the benefits education has provided for others.


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