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Crave Magazine loves Circle of Hands Uganda, Ltd.! Thanks so much for being a part of the CRAVE family.

-CRAVE Magazine Denver, CO


"We just love how Circle of Hands Uganda, Ltd. empowers & gives back"
-Sweet William Market, Denver, CO


“I would like to thank Circle of Hands Uganda and all of the women in Uganda that helped to make my wedding day not only beautiful, but special and so deeply personalized.  Not only was the ordering process smooth and easy, the women created something completely new out of my idea to provide, gifts that would give back"
-Krista Sanchez

"Powerful, empowering....and inspiring."

-Phyllis A.

"We appreciate you"

-Colorado Coalition Against Domestic Violence



"I love supporting Uganda and plan to purchase some of the wares! I appreciate you giving a voice and supporting sustainability for them. Your work is so important and the results will be felt for generations to come."

-Leann K. 

"We love your work, keep it up"

-DuAfrica, Boston, MA

"You have profoundly changed the thoughts and direction of your children too"

-Donna C.


"Love, love, love!..Keep up the incredible work!"
-Michele M.




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