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Handcrafted, graduated, button-shaped recycled paper beads make this a striking piece. The smallest bead measures 1/2" across and the largest measures 1" across. Each paper bead is handrolled, glued and varnished for durability and shine. Start the conversation about fair trade's positive affects on our world with this stand-out piece. Length: 22". All measurements approximate.
Harriet Namusoke loves experimenting putting beads of different shapes and styles together for unique design. She's most proud of her Jarara design. Jarara means "button" in her native language.
Harriet overcome many challenges on her road to success. 
Harriet was born into a humble family in the Wakiso district in Uganda. As is often the case, her family could not afford to contune paying for school fees after high school. Like so many young women her age she proceeded to marry and have a child with a man unable to understand the responsibilities of being a husband and father. She took her 5 year old and left him before realizing she was pregnant again. A failed marriage is a stigma; therefore her family refused to help her. A year later her husband died of AIDS. Harriet shrewdly joined the Namugongo Good Samaritan Project (NGSP) in 2010 and has never looked back. 
The NGSP* has helped her achieve her short-term goals and become resourceful through their teaching of trade skilis: her children are enrolled in school and Harriet is proud to call herself a college student. To supplement her bead-making income, she works as a childcare provider at the university. 
Now that her children are healthy and happy, Harriet looks at her future as being bright and full of hope. 
*Read more about our partner initiative here.


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