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Look good and do good with this recycled, handmade paper bead necklace in a variety of rich colors. Shop to help us provide education and fight poverty in Africa.

Bladinah Nabawanuka is a widow whose husband died of AIDS several years ago.  He left her with three boys (ages 8, 6 and 2) and a two-room house.  After her husband died, his relatives took away most of their possessions including the mattress, blankets, and furniture.  They even attempted to evict Bladinah and her children, but luckily her husband’s will prevented this.

Working in a stone quarry and gardening to earn extra money,  Bladinah could not afford to send her children to school. The 63 cents she makes each day in the quarry barely covered their basic needs.  With only one meal per day and a diet lacking in nutrients, her children’s health was deteriorating.

Bladinah's life changed dramatically after joining the Good Samaritan Project (NGSP*).  Although still working part-time in the quarry and continuing to garden, Bladinah devotes all her extra time to bead-making. She knows that it supplements her income which allows her to provide more for her children.  She believes that if the demand increases, and she can earn $100 a month from the beads, she will then be able to support her family on just the bead work alone.

Bladinah feels blessed that the Good Samaritan Project is supporting her efforts at creating a healthy and hopeful life for her and her children.

*Read more about our partner initiative here.



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