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This triple strand necklace is made of recycled paper beads strung with glass seed beads. Each necklace measures approximately 20" inches. Each paper bead is hand rolled, glued and finished with 5 coats of a non-toxic varnish.  Please note that the yellow and light blue necklaces will have black or dark multicolor seed beads.

This item is created by Bladinah Nabawanuka-one of our Ugandan women working toward becoming a business owners, self-sufficient and leader in her community.  Prior to bead-making, she used to toil in stone quarries to feed her children their daily meal. She and her 5 children had been evicted from her home after her husband passed away from AIDS. Now that she's learned the skill of bead making through our partner initiative, The Namugongo Good Samaritan Project her life has changed dramatically. No longer breaking down rocks, she cultivates her garden, creates a safe environment for her family while creating jewelry, and is able to send her children to school-a highly respected position to be in. 

*Due to the handmade nature of our products, slight variations will occur.


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