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Make a positive impact on African women by purchasing this stunning 5-tiered necklace. Browse our wide variety of fair trade jewelry and sustainable home decor today.

Each paper bead is hand rolled, glued and finished with 5 coats of a non-toxic varnish. This item was designed by Bladinah Nabawanuka-one of our Ugandan women working toward becoming business owners, self-sufficient and leaders in their communities. 

Each necklace measures approximately 24" inches and features an easy-to-use snap clasp. The necklace hangs a bit lower than 24" due to the layered strands. There is 4" of a single strand of paper beads attached to the clasps from which 3 strands are connected for a layered affect.

Like many Ugandan women, Bladinah lost her husband to AIDS after bearing 5 children. Her story is a sad one: her in-laws tried to evict her and her children believing she caused their son's death. One of her children contracted malaria at a young age and is now mentally ill. During this illness, her in-laws decided to remove one of Bladinah's children to give him a better life.

She used to toil in stone quarries to feed her children their daily meal. Now that she's learned the skill of bead making through our partner initiative, The Namugongo Good Samaritan Project (NGSP*) her life has changed dramatically. No longer breaking down rocks, she cultivates her garden, creates a safe environment for her family while creating jewelry, and is able to send her children to school-a highly respected position to be in.

*Read more about our partner initiative here.


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