Namugongo Good Samaritan Project



Namugongo Good Samaritan Project

Nabusugwe, Uganda, is a town of red and blue roofed homes framed against a lush natural backdrop. In stark contrast, two-thirds of the residents are infected with HIV/AIDS. In 2009 a high-school senior, Lillian Aero Olok felt compelled to address this shocking reality. Using her leadership training she acquired in school she created the: Namugongo Good Samaritan Project (NGSP).

The NGSP is a community-based initiative empowering widows and single mothers, severely affected by Africa's HIV/AIDS crisis, to contribute positively to their families and community through entrepreneurship.

Lillian's self-sustaining initiative provides:

  • health education
  • entrepreneurship training
  • community support
It also:
  • trains the women to make jewelry out of recycled paper
  • buys the jewelry from the women
  • and sells the jewelry to larger markets creating revenue for the NGSP.

The end results of Lillian's efforts are greater self esteem for the local women, fewer families economically marginalized, and productive alternatives to the tradition of laboring in local stone quarries.

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