Rita's Story

Rita Nabanoba


Rita Nabanoba is a 46-year-old widow living with her four young children. She was born in Mukono District, in the Jinja Misindye village. Rita learned she was HIV positive after the death of her husband and is now receiving treatment.

In 2009, Rita worked full-time in a stone quarry breaking down stones but knew this was not in her future. Longing to improve her status, she joined the NGSP in search of new craft skills and business acumen. Rita credits this organization with giving her the courage to seize opportunities she never would have considered previously. Her devotion to work has served her well for she has also learned how to make soap from local materials.

With her dreams becoming a reality, Rita can proudly claim the role of businesswoman and sole-bread winner. Happily ensconced in school, her children are thriving too. Rita's next goal is to build her own home.

Rita is one of the most devoted and motivated ladies you'll meet at the NGSP.

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