Rose Bagala's Story

Rose Bagala


Rose Bagala lives in the town of Bakka in the Wakiso district, east of the capital of Kampala. She is a 38 year old single mother of two.

Rose Bagala represents the millions of young girls who are withdrawn from school by their families because of the unattainably high cost of school fees. Along with a uniform, the families must provide books, supplies and transport. Although a majority of schools are run by the government, schools are not free.

Rose’s story is familiar and heard around the country: at the age of 12 Rose dropped out of school. She had her first child at 18 years old. Her family specialized in creating banana fiber goods so she took easily to this tradition. After 15 years Rose saw profit potential by creating a small cooperative of crafters who combine their handcrafted products she sells locally at a weekly market at the African Craft Market in Kampala.

This entrepreneurial woman epitomizes the characteristics of a successful graduate of our initiative’s program: financial planner who is able to set long-term attainable goals with an eye toward owning a craft shop of her own. Rose’s ultimate goal is keep her children in school and she is well on her way.




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