Ruth Lalam's Story

Ruth Lalam


Ruth's story is very striking and inspiring. While in Primary 4 at the age of 12, she was kidnapped by rebels on her way home after buying produce. The rebels held her hostage as they traveled through Uganda for seven long months. Once she was finally released, Ruth couldn't bear to return to school after the trauma she had endured.

Now, at the age of 43 along with her 7 children, Ruth has built a life to be proud of. She taught herself the art of paper bead making while observing elderly women craft in her village. With an artistic flair she has created many innovative bead designs such as the Sonki Fabric NecklaceTino Bracelets, Jarara Bracelets, Cheik Necklaces, and our new Christmas Ornaments

Ruth has an end goal in mind: to build her own craft shop on her own piece of land already purchased. Every Friday you'll find her working at a local artisan market in the spot she secured for herself. Even without a bank account she saves money every week.

We look forward to working with Ruth for years to come, supporting her goals and watching her excel! 



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