The Birth of Circle of Hands Uganda

The Birth of Circle of Hands Uganda

The seed for Circle of Hands Uganda was planted in January, 2009 when the founder, Linda M. Schutter began volunteering for a Boulder, CO-based non-profit called Educate!. Educate! has created an innovative leadership curriculum debuted in Uganda to develop a new generation of leaders and entrepreneurs who will solve the challenges of poverty, disease, violence, and environmental degradation. Through mentorship and leadership training, their students create self-sustaining enterprises and initiatives.  

As Educate! was inspiring Ugandan youth, so too did they inspire Linda to create a personal mission: to help marginalized women find their voices, advocate for themselves and address their communities' unique challenges in sustainable ways.

Educate!'s star student Lillian Aero Olok embraced this program exceptionally by creating jobs and leading social change through her self-sustaining initiative Namugongo Good Samaritan Project (NGSP), a program which provides critical services to 25 AIDS-affected widows-helping them start businesses, learn trade skills and healthy living.

Inspired by Lillian's tenacity and determination to make a better life for AIDS-affected widows, Linda partnered with Lillian and the NGSP to create Circle of Hands Uganda to help empower women to lead productive, healthy lives while they support families and create socially responsible enterprises.

Today, the NGSP has grown to servicing 230+ women in four communities across the country. We strive to educate our customers about the critical importance of fair trade principles and of becoming a more socially and environmentally aware society.



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